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What does using AEPA cost?

At AEPA we understand every business is different and will have different requirements. We therefore offer our services on a requirement only basis where you can use our expertise as much or as little as you want in the implementation process.

We offer an ongoing support and help
package for employers and employees to help you through the complex world of Automatic-enrolment and pensions. The initial business consultation is at our cost and we will provide an illustration after assessing your needs.

What services do AEPA provide?

AEPA LTD offer consultancy and an ongoing and compliance service to meet your work place pension needs. Our service is non intrusive and we will work with all your financial and payrill systems you have in place. We have our own work place pension software for the businesses that woudl like to outsource the whole process.  In summary AEPA can manage as much or as little of the Automatic-Enrolment project in conjunction with your business needs and budget.

The Stages of Automatic Enrolment

7 Steps to prepare for Automatic enrolment

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