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Frozen Pensions

A frozen or paid up pension is a pension that is no longer being contributed to and typically it will be a work place pension that you and your employer stopped paying into when you left that employment. The good news is this money is not lost. 

The bad news is many of these plans are just left alone and may be subject to high charges and out of date funds. It is important that all your pensions are reviewed regularly to ensure they meet your risk profile and you are aware of you financial options with these plans.

A recent survey on commisioned by Axa, showed that an advised pension plan was worth signifcantly more at retirement than a non advised plan showing the importance of reviewing your pension and getting expert help.

Invest Southwest are fully quailified Independent FInancial Advisers and therefore can offer you sound pension advice in regards to these policies. If you have any queries regarding your pension then do not hesitate to get in touch.